New Rules for European Webshops

Whitney Studios

29 August 2019

Approximately 16 days from now – on the 14th of September – a lot of Europeans risk having their payment rejected when trying to check out with a purchase from a European webshop.

The reason for this is new due to the new EU security rules, which are an attempt to make payments online in the European Union more secure.

The new rules set by the European Union requires an increased security and require strong costumer approval before purchase, which means that at least two parameters must be used when a payment is to be approved online.

One of the way that you may have already become acquainted is the two-factor authentication, which is used in physical stores when prompted to enter a PIN for your debit card when purchasing over a certain amount. When you pay for an online purchase, it happens that your phone number is associated with your debit card. This will cause you to receive a text message code when purchasing on the internet, which mut be entered to prove that you are the one you claim to be.

Some webshops already do this with the help of a 3D Secure phone-extension from NETS.

However, the Payment Council estimates that many European webshops will be prevented from receiving payment when the rules roll out in to force in mid-september, as many companies are simply not technically ready to meet the new requirements. This is because payments cannot be made if the webshop in question are not approved with the new costumer approval model from the 14th of September.